Explore the reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship

There is an old saying that

predecessors trees, descendants cool. There is an old saying that failure is the mother of success. Now many people do poineering work, do not have too much liquidity, can not stand the test of failure, so, we might as well to explore the reasons for the failure of their predecessors, and thus a greater degree of protection of the success of our business.

1 shortage of funds entrepreneurs underestimate financial need, a lack of financial budget, while in operation or production is also unable to make effective use of funds, it is difficult to create a surplus of.

2 market information including: not really understand the potential market demand, error estimates share of sales channels and competitors to understand clearly the.

3 too many bad products or adverse rate is too high due to poor products too much, or bad rate is too high, the cost and the loss is too large, coupled with the beginning of products is also a lack of visibility, resulting in unmarketable products, resulting in a large number of inventory accumulation.

4 wrong strategy: improper corporate values, ineffective management and sales strategy, the competitor estimation error and so on, including the business philosophy and competitive strategy mistakes, because these strategies are related to an enterprise of vital importance, therefore, it is the most important reason why.

lead to failure

5 elimination rate is too fast if the product life cycle is too short, or the products produced out of fashion products available soon eliminated this fate, not easy to be out of fashion products, in the short term after the start, it is likely to have been the fate of failure.

6 improper management of entrepreneurs lack of management experience, learn from mistakes inconstant in policy, often, but spend a lot of resources, to establish a set of reasonable, flexible and efficient system. For example, the wrong people, causing unnecessary friction; for example, the financial system has loopholes, let the staff have Sungongfeisi for example, no opportunity; pay attention to production safety, causing serious casualty accidents such as.

7 at the wrong time to start a business: for example, the winter air conditioning machine shop, affected products off-season factors, may make your career or entrepreneurial lead to setbacks. Soon by the state, where the newly promulgated industry management regulations, thus not expected, resulting in a waste of resources or not business.

8 do not understand the relevant provisions of the state: the country has many provisions of the industry is not run by private owners. There are also some industry was allowed to operate, affected by the policy change, or even indefinitely for a >

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