Land traffic is too crowded during the national day of Chengdu 480 thousand people took the opportun

with the improvement of transportation infrastructure, when people travel more convenient, but in the face of the peak flow, many of the city’s traffic congestion is still serious, so many people face the congestion status of land transportation, the opportunity to choose the decisive way. October 7th from the Chengdu airport was informed that, on October 1st – 7, the number of passengers departing from Chengdu airport accumulated more than 480 thousand passengers, an increase of about 26 thousand passengers over the same period last year, an increase of about 5.6%. In addition to domestic flights, international and regional routes passenger flights also increased significantly.

at the same time, along with the choice of people to travel for the aircraft, but also indirectly shows that people’s living standards in the continuous improvement, spending power has been greatly improved. According to statistics, in October 7th a total of 928 flights into and out of Chengdu Airport Flights, setting a record for the national day of the 7 day holiday, including inbound flights of 462 sorties, outbound flights of 466 sorties. In 928 sorties flights, the number of international and regional flights for the number of sorties, overtime flights for the 7 sorties, flight on the same day last year, an increase of more than 62 sorties, an increase of 6.7%.

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