Not only do the retail business to the brand


said that each operator would like to store their own geographical location can be good, but it needs to be supported by funds. My shop location is not very good, this is not the way, because a good shop rents for those of us in business with a small capital people, is much too high. But I do not think it is difficult to operate a lot of poor.

my view on business is, "although the sparrow is small, the five internal organs". My shop is not big, used as an area of operation but also 20 square meters, so when operating, how to use this small space, very important. My approach is to manage things to be comprehensive, but not too complicated, how to grasp it? What are the characteristics of the grocery store, is to facilitate the surrounding residents, and therefore firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, such as the convenience of goods can not be less.

but here there is a problem, the brand of these goods is very much, can not open the miscellaneous snacks like supermarkets have everything, then how to choose it? My principle is that in general for each category of goods are only one or two brands, and always choose those big brands. To buy these things because customers are generally to be used immediately, so they don’t have to carefully selected, this time, they will choose some of the common, familiar with the brand, so the brand is too complex, but can not sell.

although the product profit space big brand is relatively small, but as long as let customers feel very convenient, it is easy to buy things, in the course of time, these customers will become my regular, long, still can earn some money.

retail business is not a big business, but if properly managed, in fact, can also be successful. Of course, if you want to make the retail business success, of course, also need to master certain business skills. The introduction of the above Xiaobian not only need to be full of goods, but also a big brand, but also need to attract the attention of operators oh.

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