What are the key points for the successful opening of the roast duck restaurant

in a variety of delicious food, roast duck has always been such a good taste of high popularity, is a lot of people love to eat a good food. In short, Roasted Duck can be said to be a delicious meal on the table people less, fat duck baked golden color, crisp skin to eat and eat, China Roasted Duck fame, even foreigners are so loud shouts of applause, for entrepreneurs, choose the Roasted Duck franchise is a good choice. But in order to successfully set up shop, these elements are essential.

roast duck franchise business point one: site

if confirmed to operate Roasted Duck stores, then on the site, in addition to consider values of stability and maturity, the flow of people, traffic, pedestrian route calculation usually should pay attention to the outside, according to the different positioning of some of the specific details, also should take full account of. The location for the center, if 3~5 kilometer radius is more than 200 thousand of the consumer population, the investment will have a revenue guarantee. In addition, with the subway opened, near the subway exit side of the lot will be more people, such as sports, parks, parks, etc., these are flourishing. If the office do business, good will between the office and shop in the station.

roast duck franchise business points two: kitchen

kitchen is the core product of the place, diners come to the ultimate goal of food consumption is to eat. Roasted Duck stores in selected locations, the operator must clear the core product is the flagship restaurant, what the target consumer consumption characteristics, product line, price etc.. The selection of chefs, for private use, into a mode of recruitment, relatively speaking, chef good cooks are hard to find, and "private use" and the advantages and disadvantages were unable to direct management intervention. Not only that, it will be easy to find a chef chef, but to find a cooking skills, but also good management, and good absorption of food culture around the chef, it is relatively difficult. At present the industry choice of chef, rely more on networking, industry operators, home food poaching etc..

roast duck franchise business points three: management, marketing

usually Roasted Duck franchise management, a three layer architecture of vertical type, the general manager for senior managers; Department Manager, chef, treasurer etc. belong to middle managers; and the restaurant foreman, the chef for the manager at the grassroots level. This is the basic framework, different restaurants, according to their own conditions corresponding adjustments.

no matter what kind of investment to do a business, we need to take into account its long-term development, therefore, in the current venture market, the business will have a better food business development. People are never satisfied with the food, roast duck as a tempting food, is the taste of every family love. For entrepreneurs, the opening of the roast duck franchise should pay more attention to

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