How to successfully open a coffee shop

is now more and more people pay attention to casual dining, and now more and more people want to invest in a coffee shop. We say that the opening of the coffee shop is different from the traditional food and beverage market, it is not easy to want to make a profit. Especially for the novice, how to open a coffee shop, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

coffee store market research and positioning

determines the city where the current market has not enough demand, and what kind of demand, the demand of people is what kind of (what is designed for business people or couples, or college students), if these you keenly capture in the early stage in the development should be put on before you go on by half of the success. Determine the demand so it is natural to locate the needs of the crowd, and then the location of their own food and beverage stores will come out.

coffee shop location

cafe where the traffic must be convenient, because easy to repeat introduce to friends for. The cafe itself to be quiet, the surrounding green better. In addition, the coffee shop to rely on the surrounding environment has a joint effect, large real estate or office nearby. The selected shops can be more practical, 70 square meters of the house made of 100 square meters is the best, so that when the business ideas, find a knowledgeable professional reference decoration. In addition, the general shops signed a 35 year, so the rent must be preoccupied, but also depends on the long-term development estimates.

coffee shop design style and display

to find local shops on the decoration of the design of the coffee shop style, must give people a comfortable feeling, but also should not be similar. Operators should decorate their own positioning. The key is to drink out of the atmosphere and feelings, or else go to the supermarket to buy their own home to drink. Therefore, the atmosphere of the coffee shop is particularly important, or decadent or warm or lazy feeling, let a person who is intoxicated, reluctant to leave. Also in furniture decorations and even curtains must pay attention to the style of the coffee shop. In addition, many guests will go to the coffee shop will be filled with coffee and wine containers, like a lazy sofa, so this is the main point of concern operators.

coffee shop budget and financial planning

in the end considering the coffee shop and investigate the market positioning of preparatory work, after the open, turn the budget and financial planning, the so-called quicken time, more sophisticated budgets, the greater the likelihood of success. The capital budget is often one of the key, there is not enough cash to do back-up, shop and no business, may be less than half a year and had to close the door. The cost of renovation is the largest in the budget, venture owners >

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