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the menstrual period is a special time in the menstrual period of the female body, if improper diet, it will cause a lot of diseases, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and cause disease in the menstrual period, the treatment will be more trouble, and the duration will be prolonged, therefore, in the diet should pay attention to the menstrual period so, in the menstrual period, drink what the best


what is the best drink during menstruation:

1 ginger jujube brown sugar water

ingredients: ginger, jujube, brown sugar, 30 grams of

practice: prepared ginger, jujube after cleaning, put the chopped ginger and jujube to go nuclear standby. Then these two ingredients a piece of brown sugar and then fried, soup to eat jujube, it is best to drink during menstruation.

ginger and jujube brown sugar water has good warmingchannelstodispel cold effect, whether it is caused by the cold dysmenorrhea or other causes of dysmenorrhea has good curative effect, in addition to ginger and jujube brown sugar water on chloasma has pale spot very good.


brown sugar Hawthorn Guizhi Decoction

ingredients: Hawthorn 15 grams of meat, Guizhi 5 grams, 30 grams of brown sugar

practice: prepared meat, hawthorn Guizhi are cleaned after into the cooker, then add appropriate amount of water in them, then simmer over to l when the bowl of water into the amount of brown sugar and mix thoroughly, and then boil drinking.

The main effect of

Decoction efficacy of Hawthorn Guizhi brown sugar is temperature by Tongmai Huayu, analgesic effect, many women come every time menstruation will appear when dysmenorrhea, can effectively prevent dysmenorrhea before moderate drinking brown sugar Hawthorn Guizhi decoction. There is some women in the menstrual period will appear complexion situation, the skin becomes rough, by drinking Hawthorn Guizhi soup brown sugar to alleviate this time.

3 leek juice brown sugar drink

ingredients: 300 grams of fresh chives, brown sugar, 100 grams

practices: wash fresh leek clean and drain water, then chopped smashed juice stand. The prepared sugar into the aluminum pan, then add a small amount of water to boil until sugar dissolved after blended with leek juice, you can drink.

pointed out that the Chinese chive juice, brown sugar drink has a very good effect by the temperature, air. Particularly suitable for Qi and blood deficiency caused by two dysmenorrhea symptoms, but also to allow women in the menstrual period ruddy complexion. So what good questions in the menstrual period, leek juice drink brown sugar is the ideal choice for female friends.


above is in the menstrual period to drink what the best correlation is introduced, the need to remind everyone, often for daily drinking sodas must not drink during the menstrual period, because the soda contains phosphate and iron in the body can change.

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