The importance of college students to earn first pot of gold

for many college students just graduated from school out of the entrepreneurs, want to start, start-up capital is very important, in the society, we can see some successful people often through to earn a pot of gold before it was finally developed.

method of college students entrepreneurship earn first pot of gold

Here is an example:

"campus agent when Xie afterlife by English weekly", make the life first bucket of gold; He Yongliang because of a trip with the idea of entrepreneurship and courage. April 26th, the College of information and business at the Zhongyuan University of Technology college students’ self organized business forum, the province’s ten largest star He Yongliang entrepreneurial model and a number of students on the entrepreneurial experience.

from the campus "small business" started

thank afterlife, a senior in the hospital. A just when they entered, with enough money thanks to pay tuition. At that time, he decided to earn money to pay tuition, feed themselves.

"mind" to make people to invest in

summer, He Yongliang entered an Internet company in Henan to work. Later, He Yongliang would like to own a home network company, but to invest more than ten million, but also to understand the technology.

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