Low cost entrepreneurship can also be successful

is now a lot of people will be faced with limited funds, so the possibility of low-cost business success? Let Xiaobian to tell you that a low-cost business success story!

1989, Professor of English in Nanjing, China, Heather, taking advantage of the visa expires, came to another ancient Oriental – India. Low cost how to start a business? Here, Heather tasted a never seen drinks – milk tea. That day, she drank 12 cups. "It’s so delicious." From then on, Heather was addicted to milk tea.

after returning to the United States, Heather felt uncomfortable, because in their own country, it is very difficult to find the India tea, and is similar to the taste of things. "I’ll try it on my own." Heather, as long as one time, began to play a variety of Daoteng appliances, she hoped her memories, let the people around you can taste a mouthful of his thought is the most delicious things.

when Ted gently took a sip of tea after Heather, her eyebrows suddenly launched. "Why not?" thought Ted, a cup of tea, which will bring the latest experience to the American people.

the mother and two of business history officially kicked off, Oregon tea company began to play a miracle.

entrepreneurs need funds. But neither Heather nor ted. They each have 3000 dollars in deposits, which became the initial venture capital. How to create a low cost?. "$6000 venture? You can’t even pay for it!"

however, Ted and Heather still got a lot of good people to help the venture on the road. "I want to thank"

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