Was the way cattle is the Chinese tourism industry is a great business

now the way cattle, is ushering in the development of prime time, a good reputation for the establishment of a brand foundation. Bai Cheng travel network has ever been the former general manager of Huayuan CITS, as a partner in the way cattle, he is how to look at the way cattle?

the Bai Cheng travel once loose CEO oral:

tuniu four five years is a period of groping, business model and business model is not qualitative, it will be finalized in the last three or four years. Early they rely on toughness and perseverance, go their own way, do a successful market to recognize this model.

they first do not do on vacation, travel around. Domestic tour price is too low, from the cash flow and the cost of passengers on the point of view, it is not worthwhile, so gradually turned to agents. Five years ago, the way cattle agent wholesalers outbound goods, and then focus on the service to focus on customer traffic, and slowly groping, do large-scale, forming a set of their own operating system.

mode using the Internet to do (tourism products retail), no one to do, from the travel agency to a variety of service providers, they also have many attempts, but they used the traditional operation mode, and not through the internet.

on holiday this market, it is not much competition. Their real competitors are ctrip. Because there is a relatively high level of competition for holiday travel, the traditional (travel service providers) with it is not on a competitive level.

second (the transaction), contributed to the


Third, fast delivery (ability).


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