How much money does it need

for the early stage of the catering business, there is not enough money to support the project can choose to join the drinks, drinks to join the project to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. And tea brand store scale can be big or small, can be in the corner of the street, the school gate, inside and outside the supermarket, near the community and other places to set up a "lemon station", was also in the playground takeaway income; commercial area, leisure area, shopping malls, etc. in the local store, eat showmanship. Can be described as flexible investment, rich rewards, business mobility. Fruit cube is such a brand, the majority of investors to become a sought after brand.

How much money does


health and nutrition and good taste of tea, tea industry will be the mainstream products in the future, the cubic Fresh Juice leading industry, rare, unique industry, letter of the Chennai! Now investment cubic Fresh Juice, you can also get more comprehensive business support headquarters. How much does it cost to join


join fee is as follows:

store cost: 38 thousand and 400

renovation costs: 700 yuan per square meter

equipment cost: 80 thousand

raw materials: 40 thousand

advertising expenses: 15 thousand

utilities fee: 1500 yuan

Liquidity: 160 thousand

investment cost: 440 thousand

fruit cube store upfront investment is so much of the cost is not very high cost, very suitable for the majority of investors!

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