Shanghai Metro women to eat chicken feet with a bone thrown people argue export into dirty

Most of China’s

city subway regulations are not allowed to eat in the car, recently a woman in the subway to eat chicken, eat not only self-assured or supercilious in the subway, but also directly to the head thrown on the ground, the woman is wearing fashionable export into dirty, all friends were photographed and uploaded to the online video.

1 2, micro-blog heat transfer a video, video of Europe, in the subway, a well-dressed woman holding a bag of Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers in food, the bones thrown directly in the car on the ground, they have accused the woman, with a mobile phone camera woman, and the woman refused to accept the blame a person, "a" and all the passengers, but also more swearing talk, and bid to take out mobile phone.

upload video called "friends broke the news at 5:40 PM, metro line two Nanjing West Road station car. The main PO into the car after stepped on a sticky things are strange, heard "BIA Ji BIA Ji" sound, it found that around a woman is eating chicken feet, while eating bones and residue and threw it on the floor. In that PO main stare after began to distance ‘bomb’, really could not stand to speak, but the reaction is as follows……" Net paste attached up video.

users upload video, filming on the women’s hand bag open a letter "Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers", and take the subway cars there are some "bone residue". In this regard, some people stepped forward to discourage women should not litter.

according to the "Shanghai city rail transit passenger code", eat were listed in the list of banned. In this regard, the Shanghai subway appeal, we should abide by the rules, and observe a civilized and orderly ride environment.

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