Right and proper after the Nanjing Metro Line 5 line will be started

"to the rich, first road" of Nanjing city in order to further promote the economic development of the city, ready to plan a South Nanjing Nanjing Metro Line 5, to ease the traffic pressure for the entire city, let people travel more convenient, but also conducive to promoting the further development of Nanjing.

because the problem of cultural relic protection, and striking one snag after another concern Nanjing Metro Line 5 yesterday came the good news, after the beginning of cultural relics protection plan approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage, the official Jiangsu provincial development and Reform Commission approved the project feasibility report on line 5 days before. The test section of Shimonoseki has recently been in the lead in the construction of "right and proper" after the Nanjing Metro Line 5 has officially started across the board. If it goes well, this line runs through the main city will be opened in 2020 trial operation.

of Nanjing Metro Line 5 South Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station, north to Fang camp station, a line is an important location of Nanjing city rail transit network in the southeast to the northwest direction for urban trunk. Line 5 through the new urban area of Jiangning, the southern New Town, Confucius temple area center, Mount Wutai Sports Center, Beijing West Road Administrative Center, Shanxi road – Hunan Road commercial street and Shimonoseki District center.

line length of about 37.5km, all off the assembly line. A Colonel Field depot and the 1 water The Strip parking lot. No. 5 line is the latest version of the site reached 30, respectively, Fang camp station, Jianning Road station, Shimonoseki Station, Yancang Bridge station, Fujian Road station, Hongqiao station, Shanxi Road station, Yunnan Road station, WuTaiShan Railway Station, Shanghai Road station, Chaotiangong station, Sanshanjie Station, Confucius Temple Station, in station small, Guanghua gate station, TianTang Railway Station, seven bridges urn station and Airport Road station, station, Colonel fork station, North Road station, Spring Street station, the new Pavilion Road station, Zhushan Road station, Corning Road station, the village road station, integrity Avenue station, Jiulong Lake Station, water station, Kyrgyzstan and India Pavilion Avenue station.

in the long-term planning line network, 30 stations on line 5 in 14 is the transfer station, with the Nanjing subway 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 metro lines and rather high intercity lines cross transfer, line 5 will be Nanjing Metro in the "transfer of the king".

reporter learned that, after the construction of Nanjing Metro Line 5 has been prepared to promote a low profile, the test section – Shimonoseki street, a phase of the project (Metro Line No. 5) has been started early. Metro Line 5 test site was opened in advance for the first phase of the construction of Shimonoseki street synchronization.

construction period is tentatively scheduled for December 30, 2015 to December 30, 2017, related to subway construction side, No. 5 line officially started construction, Shanxi Road station, Confucius Temple Station standard two underground station structure will be completed by 18-28 months, Shanghai Road station, Yunnan Road station standard three underground station structure will need 30 months recommended

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