Xiaonanguo join advantage analysis

has a lot of famous food items in China catering brand, we have to go for consumption, for example, Shanghai xiaonanguo. Xiaonanguo restaurant is a high-end food and beverage brands from Shanghai, focused on providing high-end catering for the delicious diners, Xiaonanguo barbecue franchise brand have accurate market positioning and brand awareness, and by virtue of excellent business philosophy and scientific and effective management in talent shows itself increasingly intense competition in the catering industry, and become one of the China largest catering service group.

core brands include provided with features of Shanghai cuisine "Shanghai spring for the high-end customers". Xiaonanguo restaurant business brands in the business and high-end customers, provide Cantonese cuisine and Shanghai cuisine "Hui mansion" in elegant mansion style environment and launched in 2012 to the present fashion leisure space in Shanghai Third "brand concept of delicacy South kodate".

Xiaonanguo barbecue is to uphold the high quality materials and workmanship of the traditional, authentic authentic Japanese style to show the consumer taste. Coupled with more than ten kinds of exclusive spices, secret sauce, but also to create a unique flavor without a semicolon. "Mian" and "honeymoon dessert" is by virtue of its strict standards in the choice of materials and production as well as the unique taste fresh by the vast number of consumers, especially young children’s favorite. Xiaonanguo spa spa success marks the advent of Xiaonanguo group from the beginning of the catering industry gradually closer to the consumer lifestyle level, allowing consumers to relieve the pressure in work, flying mood.

Xiaonanguo joined

the following competitive advantage is the Shanghai spring in the competition and talent shows itself in the expected future development factors:

1. Xiaonanguo barbecue join in the large and rapid development of the China market, have for young middle class and high-end business customers multi brand strategy;

2. mature hub radiation network, improve efficiency and expansion capacity;

3. standardized management to ensure quality at the same time, to promote the scale and efficiency;

4. high quality dishes and innovative product development;

5.’s loyal customer base brings significant recurring revenue, as well as an energetic professional management team led by experienced food industry leaders.

if you have enough strength to join, then choose the right to join the project guide.

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