How to join the small shop series for you to answer

is now very hot online business, a lot of friends want to join the shop, but do not know the specific process to join the shop and attention. Today Xiaobian for everyone to sum up the Taobao shop to join the process, we want to help.

how to join the shop? Registered Taobao ID, after verification, click I want to shop. After the success of the shop, into the seller center, look at the lower left, there is a distribution center, enter. And then you want to join the search under the commodity, click on the application for sale, waiting for the approval of your investment, you can download his goods to his shop on sale.

in the online business, to save time and effort, than the store also many, of course, need to pay attention to join the shop, to the principle of good faith, not to deceive consumers, so that your business is more prosperous. How to join shop? The above is the detailed process, I hope to help you!


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