How is the stage of life of the division


is a life, the same for people who want to start a business is the same, we all come together at small from among them is how to divide these boundaries, the attack now entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who want to reference.

(1): the first is twenty-four to twenty-nine years old, I called "the probation period.

During this

(two): Twenty-nine to thirty-four years old, I called "the foundation period.

Confucius stressed that "sanshierli" / >

one to thirty-four, five years old, if not see a little bit of success and the potential to play, even still groping and hesitation, according to experts pointed out that his "future" generally has been fixed.

(three): Thirty-four to thirty-nine years old in the five years, I called the "sprint.".

During the

here, regardless of physical or mental Duda >

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