Henan 8 cases of serious air pollution exposure

in the economic development, our environment has been seriously damaged, the situation is very worrying! Although the relevant departments have repeatedly stressed the development of enterprises at the same time, but also to protect the local environment, but some companies do not strictly enforce. In August 2nd, the reporter was informed that, recently, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau found 8 cases of serious air pollution cases through unannounced inspection, air pollution control campaign leading group office will instruct the local government immediately organized personnel to identify problems, to identify responsibility according to the law, severely and promptly processed. These 8 cases are now exposed:

1. Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum Co. Ltd. air pollution case. The No. 2 and No. 4 boiler denitrification treatment project of nitrogen oxide emissions exceed the standard slow, long-term, coal ash field and three measures are not in place, the dust pollution is serious, tailings treatment process and EIA approval is not consistent.

2. Henan Kai Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd. air pollution case. The company’s long-term illegal trial production, Plant Road area of ash and dust pollution is serious, no serious emissions of the broken workshop, coal yard three measures are not in place.

3. Henan Xinxiang Huaxing Pharmaceutical Factory air pollution case. The No. 1 and No. 2 boiler from 75 tons to 35 tons / hour / hour, there is a serious act of No. 1 boiler supporting the resort to deceit, not the normal operation of desulphurization facilities, 4 75 tons / boiler desulfurization denitration facilities and environmental protection procedures illegal operation, and refused to implement the Central Committee of Xinxiang issued a shutdown rectification notice, enterprise has been shut down in place.

4. Tangyin Yongxin Chemical Co., ltd.. The company in violation of the EIA approval requirements, without trial production.

5. Zhengzhou Yuzhong energy Limited Liability Company air pollution case. The exhaust pipe closed lax, resulting in waste gas fugitive emissions, plant desulfurization gypsum and fly ash disposal, dust control measures are not taken, the road area has a lot of dust, ash, coal, dust problem is very prominent.

6. Xinmi coal mine air pollution case. Ren Gang coal mine coal gangue yard on both sides of the platform, not to take anti dust measures, open yard dust problems.

Air pollution case in Xinyang

7. District, the Shihe River. 171 powder plant no land, planning, environmental protection procedures, no pollution control facilities, long-term illegal production, serious pollution of the environment.

8. Xin’an, Ke Shiyingsa plant air pollution case. Most of the 41 quartz sand factory belongs to "small soil" illegal enterprise, no environmental protection procedures, no pollution control facilities, long-term illegal production.

environment is the root of human existence, if there is no good environment, human beings will face many questions

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