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"Taiping Princess" is not terrible, terrible is the Princess Taiping breast too, with the wrong method.

1, do chest exercise, massage can breast

a lot of people think that doing chest exercise can make the chest more plump, in fact, not all of the chest movement can make the chest bigger. Because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, make the chest smaller. But if the reasonable exercise, can promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, for the chest shape is also very helpful.

if you choose to massage, but also must choose the right way, the intensity is not appropriate, it is likely to cause contusion and extrusion. If a long time to massage the breast, may cause relaxation or out of shape.

2, bra selection is not important


is flat, what’s important to wear? In fact, a small bra will affect the development of the chest, while wearing a long bra may also lead to sagging breasts. Actually buy

to buy and wear a bra has a lot of knowledge, if done well enough, you can immediately lift a cup.


cleavage squeeze

to wear bras is not important ratite girl, while some women are out of line to the cause. As everyone knows, the breast is the need for care, if the external breast extrusion, easy to cause the internal soft tissue of the breast is easily damaged, or cause internal proliferation. Also change the external shape, so staying on the song of sagging breasts. In addition, cleavage squeeze will lead to poor blood, making the breast of the fiber bundle and breast duct long-term pressure will affect the postpartum milk secretion and excretion, directly affect the future of nursing.

4, blind diet

chest is gone, the body can not do without. Adhering to this belief, not under the control of sexual appetite, sexual desire to eat.

In fact, this

cooking will backfire. In a state of hunger for a long time, the human body that entered the era of famine, will inevitably mobilize the storage of fat and protein to deal with, and the main structure of the breast is one of the fat and collagen. The chest fat reduction, skin laxity, muscle loss, and malnutrition caused atrophy of gland tissue, whole breast tissue is reduced, but the connection of breast muscle and connective tissue of the breast is not reduced, so the chest is smaller drooping.

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