Store operators have the know-how to do business more prosperous

open shop, business skills is the key to your success. So, as entrepreneurs, how to make the healthy development of their own store? The following small series from the perspective of the development of the platform to analyze how to manage the development of business ideas.

The main reason lies in the development of

by limiting the size of stores, many do not see their own development space in the stores of young employees, long time stay in a store, even if the salary is high, also can not meet the development ambitions of the staff, after all, everyone wants their work in a company with prospects, so operators can store create a development platform for employees has become a key factor, don’t be employees as a springboard, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain..

in the comprehensive research on employee turnover, combined with research staff, we found a special phenomenon, that employees can not see their own development prospects, if there is no great platform to make staff development, the employee is very difficult to stay here for a long time to work.

The single

development strategy, let the staff see the prospect of

Not only the enterprise development strategy:

in Shanxi area of Xinzhou small Seminal Hotel is a Traders Hotel, it started only 6 employees, but the small founder set up a clear development plan, adopt chain operation mode, three years local added four outlets, the province set up.

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