What are the beverage sales channels

do wine business, you need to consider the issue of sales channels. Otherwise, the operation is very blind. What are the beverage sales channels? Many franchisees are not very good at this issue, in fact, you can look at the market, so that some inspiration. Xiao Bian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you understand the problem.

domestic wine to join, will produce a number of channels, each channel has driven the rapid rise of some wine makers also eliminated some did not follow the development of the times and development direction of wine, wine must adapt to channel development, the only way to talent shows itself.

the first channel — super

before the reform and opening up, the main planned economy, the catering industry is not developed, beverage sales channels are mainly concentrated in the super. The main purpose of people’s consumption is the gift and wedding, consumption places mainly in the home. There was no other way. Super sales channels are the main channels of wine sales. Until now, the channel is the main channel for the non mainstream.

second is the channel — Hotel

reform and opening up, with the development of the economy, the rise of the hotel, the hotel beverage consumption has become a new channel. Part of the wine merchants to buy out the hotel, control the beverage consumption in the hotel, the rapid rise. Beverage consumption in the hotel is the main channel of the beverage market. This stage is the main channel and the hotel is divided into the world and the main channel. According to relevant data, that is, the consumption of the consumer market even more than non drink sales channels.

third channels — buy

this is a consumer channel with Chinese characteristics, foreign research data rarely divide this channel alone. After the hotel drinks monopoly, the price doubled, the interests of consumers suffered damage, bring their own drinks become inevitable. Bring your own beverage to all the customers who bought wine in the hotel directly from the beverage manufacturer.

what are the beverage sales channels? From the main aspects, mainly the above channels. Franchisees need to make clear their investment, the use of the kind of wine sales, otherwise it will be very blind. Is the above advice helpful? Hope you can find the right way to sell.

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