ntegrity management is desirable

although it is said that any one of the market will be required to operate a variety of business operators to achieve the true integrity of the business, however, and do not insist on the difficulties. Even stick to it, will really help the development of the store? In short, speaking of business integrity, is the new old music talk, but still there will be out of the episode of this or that, no credit is going to be It is often seen. we can do, but only to restrain their behavior, have a clear conscience. Look at the boss is how to uphold the integrity of the.

integrity management gold does not change

I was in Jiangsu Province, Yancheng City cigarette operators Wu Qiaoling, operating cigarettes for more than and 10 years, the deepest feeling is the integrity of the business to bring real benefits. Which loyal customers accompanied by wind and rain, all the way.

remember the beginning of the operation of cigarettes, the lack of experience, some policies and regulations do not quite understand, the purchase has been pit has occurred. At that time, people often come to sell cigarettes, variety complete, the price is relatively low, a larger profit margins, tempted into several test results, as can be imagined, consumers buy for return, causing considerable negative effects.

after a long period of time to explain the work, only to allow customers to return to the old slowly, the business was on the regular. Through this thing, a conviction, first of all, checks in the purchase channels, only from the tobacco companies to purchase cigarettes, acquaintances, relatives and friends with the consumer group after the smoke will not be recovered from the source to block possible vulnerabilities, so that customers can rest assured consumption really here.

had met a foreign accent customers came out of the bank to take out the money to buy two bags of soft gold sand Su smoke, pick up the smoke on the left, but will carry a bag on the counter. At that time, as do other business at the same time, the moment did not notice the bag, etc. the business a little free, it was found that the bag, open the bag in the other shop customer witness, counted the money, documents, bills, documents and press contact number to pull through the owner.

customers are lost wallet and a telephone said quickly, scorched by the flames, lost his wallet is small, and the notes and certificates will bring no small trouble, would like to reward one thousand yuan, this hand declined at the same time, let it come from. The customer turned out to be a construction contractor, and then came to the store for many years, and took a friend to take care of the business.

as a business, as long as the honest and law-abiding business, expanding sales space, keep pace with the times, will be able to get a satisfactory return.

supply and marketing integrity

integrity management is the basis of the shop, shop business, such as the supplier is not good faith, in order to their interests, >

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