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a, breast exercise

1, swimming

swimming can be said to have a physical effect on all parts of the exercise, swimming through the water massage the chest, you can stimulate the breast tube, fat tissue, prevent breast hyperplasia and other diseases.

2, upper lift movement

simple mention exercise, you can expand the chest space, so that the chest is in a relaxed state, conducive to the metabolism of the chest connective tissue, but also can prevent breast aging, sagging.


Chest exercise is simple

hands together, slowly lift, hold for 10 seconds, then slowly falling to his chest. Repeat 5~10 times, up and down movement, can make the breast muscles.

two, regular massage

massage has been highly respected health care, for different parts of the body, there are different massage. The following is a massage for chest maintenance.


1, interactive hands hold breast gently lift, then holding the breast outside to the inside, can avoid breast ptosis and external expansion.

2, with the right palm on the left breast of the clavicle with soft and uniform strength can push back the roots of the breast, and then push back up along the original route, repeat 20-30 times, then left in the same way as the right breast massage.

3, four fingers together, thumb palm will naturally open, close to the skin, nipple centric ring breast 10 ring. Hands staggered, with the palm rub ribs 10.

4, thumb and index finger knead side breast lumps, no lumps, knead the breast, the direction from the breast to the armpit.

5, straighten the body, mouth make exaggerated "one" and "O" shape, back and forth to do two or three minutes, can tighten jaw and neck muscles, and help to improve the chest and tight skin.

6, with her left palm hold the bottom of the left breast with the right palm with the left hand, then the relative force to nipple direction force care push 20-30. This method is suitable for women with slightly larger breasts.

Xiaobian reminder: the above methods can be done every night before going to bed or get up in the morning, 1-2 times a day. Before the massage, can put some skin in breast massage lotion (such as cream, etc.) to prevent skin abrasion.

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