Join the children’s clothing items to pay attention to what traps

we want to know that the trap is a lot of the market, we must pay attention to investment projects. Children’s clothing project is very popular to join the business investment in children’s clothing items, to conduct a lot of research on these projects. Of course, you’d better learn some common pitfalls to avoid being cheated. So, join the children’s clothing items to pay attention to what traps?

1. alert low threshold:

"you have just started consulting, said their low threshold, on the other side you warm; that can give you free fee; you said, do not worry about the lack of experience, he said no problem. This must be far away from the union." Chen said.

2. "new company":

Chen said, a deceptive way is very common is really false to get money. "They prefer to spend high price to rent a way is capital, and then spend money decorated like a look, a part of the area for product display, hang in there for some goods intention to join the investigation, a part of the area to do office area, hire a few people there make a call to go show business. If you call, he will have his own company, how to project future how analyse with you for a long time, Lin hung up the phone to tell you, this year too many swindlers, as a precaution, the best to visit the company."

in addition, there is a class of the company, its intention is not to get money, about a project but his capital is not enough, so playing karate, by recruiting franchisees, first ring to a part of the money, then the money to run the company. As a result, these companies due to the establishment of a short period of time, lack of experience, with money and do not know how to operate, watching the money was burned, so quickly roll away.

3. vigilance high profits:

high profit model shop behind the possession of tricky. Store large, well decorated, dig out the money can be done; as for the passenger flow, you come before, the company informed several people to do the "entrusted", manufacturing business good illusion. When you ask about profitability, the computer buzz up a bunch of numbers and tell you how much your annual earnings will be. In fact, are deceptive, because they compress such expenses, the business volume and profit ratio xukua." Chen said.

4. wary of contract fraud:

entrepreneurs must pay attention to look at the franchise contract. Chen said, some of the company’s franchise contract language, contradictory, unsound company, that he couldn’t explain how to carry out franchise business, if entrepreneurs follow dry, in the end is dead. Other companies [source]

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