Huang Yiqing excuses to sneak away with her daughter to leave the country, Huang Yi has been alert

Huang Yi’s ex husband, daughter of the recent visit to the daughter of an excuse to secretly take her daughter out of the country, has now flown to the United States of America, the United States has been to the United states. Then Huang Yi in the circle of friends to send information to call back my daughter "".

Family ethics drama

Huang Yiqing and Huang Yi and a sequel! Insiders to the Tencent entertainment exclusive broke the news, yesterday (January 16th) Huang Yiqing took advantage of the opportunity to visit her daughter with the clang, exit to the United States, this, mother Huang Yi pan did not know, she can only be incapable of action in the circle of friends taking a loudspeaker: Huang Yiqing give me the baby.

to yesterday evening 18 o’clock, Huang Yiqing suddenly issued a "smooth exit" and "goodbye" and other words, with a flight schedule, about half an hour later, he published a photo of herself and her daughter passport photos, and wrote "goodnight big star". These two micro-blog will soon be deleted.

soon, Huang Yi issued a circle of friends, said Huang Yiqing is asked to visit temporary daughter, now very cold, only 3 year old daughter is satiate wear warm let Huang Yi worry. Finally, Huang Yi cries: give me the baby. It is reported that Huang Yi has been reported to the police.

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