Problems encountered on new web sites

‘s new website is on the line and has had a lot of problems. Although before also knew that the website on-line will certainly encounter many problems, but still did not expect to be able to be so troublesome. Do the personal website, find a Dede or move easily, just changed it, basically did not meet what big problems. And the website that contacts in the company, it is the industry website that already formed, the problem that the website is online, I do not have chance to encounter at all.

this time, I’ve encountered some of the online problems:

1, server selection,

wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Choosing a good server is a prerequisite for a good site. There are many good servers, but considering the cost performance, the choice becomes more difficult.


server is too expensive, do not want to spend the money; who knows the server nets of good, but clearly understand the huge profits, let I wasted so much money, I obviously is not happy. Have considered looking for agents with nets, but it is quite difficult to distinguish the quality of agents, agents should run away, I turn to justice. Hey, think or forget it, do not consider the network.

server price is too low, even more afraid to consider, after all, not to do personal websites. 100 yuan can buy 1G’s virtual host. What can you expect of it?

, so choose a moderate price, a little bit famous IDC business it. The choice of a local IDC service provider has a good reputation. With the "IDC business name + garbage" in Baidu search, and did not find too much abuse. Of course, I know, this is their ability to crisis public relations. Since the ability of crisis public relations is relatively strong, it can also show that their company still has a certain strength. Ha ha, it’s good to comfort yourself.

2, domain name selection

domain name is to let people have a headache, because everyone thinks you want to Tastes differ all tastes., the domain name is better. This is the time when the initial site name, Wanbang travel or BOSS finally finalized. However, after thinking of numerous domain names, the manager thought of the domain name and got the unanimous approval of everyone. 58yoo has a homonym for traveling around the country. It also has the meaning of "I help you". It’s very good.

3, program compatibility issues


selects the server, it takes more speed, stability and security into account, but ignores the server’s support for the program, and the IDC vendor promises all the programs to support it. The result is when the site on-line, only to find that the server does not support the MSSQL version 2008, IDC business theory to find no avail, and finally programmers took a day to turn 2008 into MSSQL 2005. Because we are.Net procedures, but also almost appeared.Net version of incompatible issues..


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