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now, the mobile Internet operation trend is the old local portal represent the general trend, has been accumulated are actively engaged in various attempts in recent years began to join the local website operation new practitioners also hope to be able to find a position of their own in the mobile Internet era, a few years ago, has been suffering from the transformation of the idea of traditional media began to get involved in this field.

three typical cases show that now is the mobile Internet bonus period

October 25th’s Micro community Shanghai salon, several guests on the round table just represent different types:

1, Nantong City, the second half of this year to the micro community as the carrier, has spread through the two occurred in the people’s livelihood focus events of the local mobile terminal, terminal site will significantly enhance the flow (which even by increasing the bandwidth to meet the moment on the flow), also makes the home station less than two sites can solve the problem of slow growth has been bogged down in traffic problems difficult to break through the influence. In the mobile Internet era, ten years ago, the local community in the Internet field experienced barbaric growth dividend is showing a new situation. Then, the bonus period may be much shorter than the dividends experienced by the forum, but as long as it can seize this brief gap, some new media on the mobile Internet platform will emerge, emerge.

2, Thailand boring, Taizhou local veteran community website, but also after the micro community launched the first batch of practitioners, after six months of operation, Thailand boring micro community has been among the forefront of the same, on the amount of post and browse data gratifying, and in recent years has been at the end of PC decline in the decline of the premise next, with a variety of mobile channels with micro community based, Thailand boring in the whole channel has reversed the loss of user state, and in the flow ratio of the mobile terminal, and even achieve a counter attack (more than PC end mobile terminal traffic flow).

3, surging news, new media Shanghai newspaper under the premise, channel and brand advantages does not depend on the original newspaper group in July this year, began to test the waters of the field of mobile Internet, just three months will be micro community operation and not about the like a raging fire, early operation strategy Zoupian Jian Feng, it is this bold attempt, coupled with a full channel for the surging news brand implantation depth, surging news has become a widespread influence in the industry and user level, has become the new media for transformation of traditional media focus.

these cases are explained, mobile Internet channels, especially the micro community has maintained, outbreak, growth operations characteristics. This at least gave many latecomers hope and opportunity.

micro community operations focus on fast, convenient and spread, like a girl running micro community

then, after finding the entrance, the direction and the details of the operation are the focus of attention.

first of all, the micro community is unlikely to become a simple replica of the forum in the mobile Internet

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