Mini ndoor Golf Club opens up new opportunities for leisure and entertainment

with the increasing pressure of life, people in the entertainment market, there are more and more demand for the entertainment industry, with the hope of more and more, the indoor Mini Golf Club, starting from the entertainment market, business opportunities continue!


indoor golf club is completely different, it is not only a place for golf enthusiasts to swing, but also a good place for the common people’s leisure fitness. For investors, indoor golf covers an area of small. The land is especially suitable for large and medium-sized city, and less investment, quick effect, is the best business opportunities.

style similar to the KTV form, arranged in the lounge and bar, in order to attract leisure and business relations for the purpose of the guests, provide an all-weather playing field and enjoy the good service and advanced


management plan and investment return in consumption of high grade leisure places (such as membership clubs, private clubs, hotels, entertainment center) is a common charging time. Price from an hour 100 yuan, $200, 300 yuan, ranging from $380, depending on the different grades of consumer premises and business style, the highest fee can be up to half an hour 480 yuan.

management team partner

in urgent need of individual creativity


above, small series from the entertainment industry, starting from the entertainment industry, and constantly push forward, for you to dig out a new market, digging out a new way to get rich, Mini Indoor Golf Club, your preferred!

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