Website optimization before how to pick up Guan Jian characters

what is a keyword, in brief, is what the user searches for is the Guan Jian word, and the Guan Jian word can use your product or website name. The word "Guan Jian" is also a word or a word. For your website, the word "Guan Jian" is the simplest description of the content of your web site. Guan Jian words need to be targeted, and when you choose your Guan Jian word, you’ll start optimizing your site rankings, but if you pick Guan Jian, the word is wrong, I think what you’re doing behind it doesn’t make any sense.

from the chain closed word commercial point of view, I had three types of

one, pure academic

it is a kind of band learning purpose to find the information that I want to search (for example, I want to write my thesis and I want to learn PSCS3).

two, shopping

‘s sense of purchase to search for information about what you want to buy (when I buy the Internet, I’ll search the Internet for information).

three, conversion type

deal Guan Jian word, potential users (for example, I go to buy Lenovo pen book, find a website, see HP pen meter this price is very cheap, function and strong buy it down, this is called conversion type).

Guan Jian word select

here, I say, "Jian Jian", how to pick individuals, see Italy:

first of all, you can take an example of the table. What do you think the word "Guan Jian" can do? You set out by example and give some examples of Guan Jian. Then you can look at what’s on your website and see who ordered it. If you come from the search engine, you see through what search to your site, and finally you can refer to and server logs, and your friends and relatives around the views, as well as the use of optimization tools.

select Guan Jian characters, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not select the pure academic and ambiguous Guan Jian word "


two, do not choose the extensive nature of the Guan Jian word "


three, do not choose too difficult for customers to understand the word "

" Guan Jian

four, in order to select the competition, pay attention to the hot Guan Jian word "


five, please remember, don’t ignore the local market (for example, your market in X Province, other provinces customers not to buy your stuff or visit your website, you can just pay attention to the market information, as long as you can make to reduce peri optimization.

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