Movie station 2 months, Baidu included 94000

included is really a headache. I just took over the station (, included only 200, now the past 60 days, included increased to more than 94000. Although there is no direct relationship between collection and traffic, but each included page is equivalent to our hands of the soldiers, you included many soldiers that battle to Dora. Introduce the experience, I hope useful for everyone, don’t speak well you point it out directly. It is best to encourage you, the first time I write.

: a search for a good impression, I just took over, the movie resources are rubbish, all wanted to delete all, with the new database generation, then think of the search is not included, but after all, has been included. If all removed will leave dead links, so as to leave a bad impression, so I spent a lot of time to change each page.

two: as we all know, search love original content, this guy is very old, it has its own set of calculation method to determine your copy or original. This method is called " elimination " a novice, want to know you can check the relevant information. I have to do is to use the movie station is a very common film system. He is the default page generation movie online watch XX. You can imagine if you do not change the direct use of words will have much the same. So I sent him to XX download, online watch, introduced in the title. So to avoid duplication. In fact, many CMS take over the first one is to change the default page style. After I was done according to the key antecedents of several changes.

three: search after scanning a page for a period of time of analysis, including segmentation, elimination, the elimination of SPAM. After these operations only after deciding whether indexed. Of course some weight high does not have this problem. For example, XXX. Search has its own thesaurus, the thesaurus is very large, and constantly updated. Get the page, it will make the page segmentation, analysis should be put in which of the following words. (this involves the inverted table). The movie page is the most important film. The film stayed basically in the search in a single word, around this word inverted list is very large. Very much. So the page in the page content to avoid duplication, I stand on the film excerpt good introduction combined into a new film. With fixed content in each introduced before (here A bit of a bad place, more content, keyword density is very low, will affect the ranking, and this paragraph often replace.

four: keep updating. I update at least 15 pieces per day. Why 15? Because new movies only show 15.

in front of home page

five: do not harass Baidu, I rarely do link in Post Bar, basically do not know. Not to mention in the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, I think there is forbidden, don’t leave the text.

casually in there


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