Website construction should have three elements thought, team and action

wrote this article, I sent to three kinds of people: one is not understand SEO new webmaster, a kind of is eager to make money of small webmaster, a kind of perseverance is good webmaster. I am not a successful webmaster, because I build Baidu Yantai wedding network is still in the development stage, I did my 800 thousand years of profit, the website is still the input stage, that why I’m here pledged to send three people, because I understand a truth, that is the successful experience can be replicated. And this successful experience, that is, successful students around me taught me, that is not SEO, profit 800 thousand success.

go to the forum more, see the way to make money is too much, but in the dazzling Wangzhuan maze and if you find your direction? According to my observation, I can definitely say that most people are confused! Because the real money has been the head for the cable station to make money, make money to make money. They do not have time, also disdain by writing the soft way to do propaganda for their website. But the development of human beings is in the spirit of "groping". Deng Xiaoping’s reform and development still say that he is always crossing the river by feeling the stones. "Groping" spirit is important, but if there is a successful "experience" in the rope pulling you across the river, is not progress faster?

now I’d like to introduce my the creation of "myth" in high school, he did not have a very high IQ test scores, he left me a high school, he has served as class cadres, he played basketball posture ugly, he is not tall, not handsome. But that’s the myth of an ordinary man who is so inferior to me as an ordinary man that he created a 800 thousand annual turnover. How did he do it? (excuse me for revealing your history, forgive me for the station, please.)

in 2007, he created a IT site in our home in Shandong, he does have a greater determination to do so at that time, he set up a team of four men, start-up capital is 50 thousand yuan (money is four people together). The website program is developed by himself, which is not an advantage, because the source code is open everywhere, and his success lies not in his own website, but in his ideas and actions. His idea, that is, the way to make money, is to establish a IT business exchange platform, businesses and businesses between the purchase and sale of cooperation, this is a vast market we can not see ordinary consumers. At that time, Shandong did not have this market, so he made a new one and found a new one.

said this, I’m afraid that some owners will be discouraged, because the money on new ideas, which come so many new ideas. If we can’t find the so-called "new ideas", it is also not to earn money? Far from it, the network society in the first 10 years, is a some portals and local stations, government and social basic unit station set up a website, from last year to the back, is the period of development and characteristics of pure business station station, this word is Wangzhuan since last year started to get at the.

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