The founders and investors of the 141 start-up companies analyzed why they failed

the content of today’s article is a bit heavy – we’re going to talk to you about failure. A successful methodology has a convergence with the most relevant "right". When it comes to failure, few people are willing to talk openly perhaps because the beast does not always want to expose the wound.

‘s approach to failure may be far greater than success. Because in the face of setbacks, even the most fearless person will have moments like this: "you are almost hopeless and lose all your creativity."." No matter how severe the situation may be, reflection and summary are still necessary, because we must go forward anyway.


, we make a summary of the reasons for the failure of foreign start-up companies through the form of keywords


In conjunction with

, these keywords coincide with the special nature of the time cycle, such as the sudden increase in the number of sudden death companies in financing in 2015. The special no time period, business model, product factors, the user is still the most important. At the same time, whether a company can achieve a phased goal according to the plan is also an important reason for its survival.

also has some failures because of "personality issues", which is also the most brutal place for entrepreneurship – and sometimes seemingly small problems are enough to crush the entire team. There are also some reasons for the failure to let the home page crash, for example: "(the reason we failed) is that no one on the team is our app user – we don’t use it, we don’t like it.". We only like the idea. It’s a sad story." – well, yes, just devote yourself to the heart of your love field……

anyway, "giving the front runner the hope and the experience of the latecomers" is what we share in the following article. Just as the sun and the shadow are always associated with each other, sometimes, through despair, we can find the light of hope. Enjoy:

Edison once commented on his failure: "I know fifty thousand unsuccessful ways, so I’m close to success, Ima Ayumi."."

, according to CBinsight’s research, was listed as a failed start-up company between 2014 and 2016, often after 20 months of financing and financing of about $1 million 300 thousand. Let’s look at the dimensions of failed attributes to see how the founders and investors of these companies view their failure. Perhaps also can lead everyone to take some detours..

combined with the reasons for the failure of the more than 100 companies, the common mainly focus on the following points: the funds (including financing and income), business models, products, user acquisition, operations team, the other also contains some individual factors.


, we show the founders’ reflection at the frequency of occurrence:



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