What is the breast massage health network

women’s breast is very important place on a female body, is an important part to show the charm of women, female sex is largely reflected in the firm’s breast, in order to keep healthy and beautiful breast, women should actively carry out massage on your breast,. Here is a brief introduction to the breast massage method.

breast massage a

will be two hands on his shoulder, then along the peripheral breast do circular massage, hands from the breast to the left below to lift the two breast, until the clavicle position, after the hand on the areola above to do spiral massage. This massage can make the chest muscles more tight, make your breasts more erect.

breast massage two

with the fingers of both hands around the breast of the surrounding tissue, each time for 3 seconds, after the open hand, down from the cleavage site of parallel push has been pushed to the periphery of breast, only in the two breast between 8 self massage, the massage can stimulate the breast tissue of breast, breast implants can make bigger try this massage oh.

breast massage three


will own the right palm on the left upper breast, below the clavicle is uniform, then gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, then along the original route to push back, this has been done 20 to 50 times, then replace the left hand on the right breast massage, massage 20 ~ 50 times. Regular massage can stimulate the breast, which is conducive to the health of the breast.

breast massage four

first with the palm of the left hand palm and palm from his chest is central, lateral push by yourself on the right side of the breast, has been pushed to the armpit, then along the way back when the plane with five pointing back to the breast tissue, so repeatedly pushed by 20 ~ 50 times in right after such massage the left breast from 20 to 50.

breast massage is how? It introduces the four kinds of breast massage, you can according to their own preferences to choose their own way of massage, have very good effect on breast health and massage Oh, adhere to regular massage can make your breast more healthy and beautiful.

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