Site a week Baidu traffic roller coaster

recently started playing on QQ farms and QQ ranch, and slowly discovered that many of my friends were obsessed with the game as much as I did. So I used dedecms, spent half a day to build a QQ ranch site, domain name is also the best used, qqranch, which means QQ ranch. The website is built, to enrich the content of the website, as did several websites, so easily to enrich the content of the web site, of course, most of them are from other website information.


is new, the future traffic is not very excited, so the site without any SEO operation, is to write the title, description on the website content simply said: this site offers QQ ranch and farm related data qq. (unexpectedly, it is simple, unconscious, this behavior has been recognized by Baidu) second days, found that Baidu included the site of the home page, traffic is about 15, and the two days later this flow. On the fourth day, traffic increased to 200+, at least ten keywords ranking, I was in the first to third between, such as QQ ranch plug, QQ ranch official website. So I was ecstatic, I think the establishment of the site or to choose the right theme, the election of the domain name, so that there is a future. Is it better to optimize your website,


is also started in the website key word, the website description, the column key word, the column description, SEO keyword and so on content has accumulated some content, actually not many, but has no characteristic. And there was the advertisement for two Ali moms. This is what I regret it, the blink of an eye second days later, the flow from three hundred to zero, and the next few days are like this, zero. Many keywords are out on the first page.

this is the roller coaster traffic, carefully reflect on their behavior, summarized as follows:

1. do not over optimize the site’s SEO, many of the so-called experience on the network is nothing, there is no basis, or even wrong.

2., Baidu Ali mother’s hostility can not be verified, and now the new station is also difficult to apply through Ali mother’s click class advertising. Ali mother has put the work focus on the promotion of Taobao customers above, so that countless small AdSense for him to work.

3., the number of Baidu and the flow of traffic between you have a certain relationship, but not a positive proportion, a web page can bring a lot of, many web pages are without any contribution.

4. domain name is very important to the website, undeniable, see your opportunity.

5. is the best point to their own confidence, due to the current QQ to the user station was completely open, believe that when fully open, my website will fire up, as long as you keep updating it to share.

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