Personal websites are really fragile

personal website, no matter how careful planning, operation, and so on, even if the webmaster is a network marketing master, but in fact most of the personal web site is fragile. Hard to establish a profit model often because of external reasons and destroyed overnight, but the individual webmaster powerless.

, such as a major update of search engine ranking algorithms, could make web rankings disappear overnight. If your site traffic mainly depends on search traffic, when this happens, there is no way to recover within a short period of time, but also complaints no door. That year’s Google Florida update made many online businesses suffer a major blow. Because cash is not sufficient, could not survive but also a lot of put up the shutters.

does not rely on Web sites for search engine traffic, nor does it depend on other external conditions in some areas. If your main supplier of business failure, no way to delivery to you, what should you do? You need to make or supplier price, product sales did not profit at all, you should do? If you can’t find a suitable alternative source to the supply channel is not stable, once the wind sways grass effect on you is. Devastating. Or sometimes, the quality of the product source is no problem, the market and user attitudes have changed, and your product is no longer popular after two or three years, and the product is unsalable, what should you do?


, a web site that specializes in email marketing, is also facing increasing obstacles in recent years. All of the ISP are more and more strict on spam filtering, a large number of messages. In spite of this, more and more spam is being received by users, and effective promotional emails several years ago are now swamped with spam and are less open and read. And there is no sign of any improvement in this trend. What should I do with email marketing sites,


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