Twenty references for female consumers to female e-commerce websites are studied


says, "women make money, women buy things, and women have high profits.". However, a lot of business problem is: female users extremely picky, cut to the woman you want to cry, you don’t want to wear a woman would rather sell, female users are more likely to get good at saying you don’t gossip, even out.

woman heart, submarine needle. The randomness of women can not be analyzed with too many rational data. Therefore, how to study female consumers is a very critical issue for companies that do women’s e-commerce.

one, every detail, skilled in computing

women are good at computing, different from men. Men calculate the cost performance of a product very directly, while women calculate it very carefully, almost everything. Including postage, goods fabrics, texture and color, whether deformation or decolorization, whether to buy gift activities, sellers attitude, whether you can find coupons in a channel, can find groups, buy, and so on. Women in computing, and to spend a lot of energy, in order to save some money so it is not worth, but women also tend to die is not tired, this happiness may be incomprehensible to man.

two, dazzle the essence of social life

common female friends to see Hyun said, I bought this today, this dress is a shopping mall to buy yesterday. Love and comparison are not mere vanity. It is a social nature of life. Women’s life status and identity in society need to be fully reflected in their appearance, and they also need other people’s external affirmation in their eyes or words.

in real life is not in the website Hyun, Hyun Hyun, people always have people’s attention, this concern is far greater than the feedback to see all kinds of hard and soft advertising, especially has recommended buyers, much higher than the strange business trust. For consumers, the initiative to pay attention to the information is positive and passive, received a variety of promotional discounts information can only make people more bored.

three, twitter world of women

love to communicate, women’s nature, so that women because of a topic, especially a consumer goods interactive communication, resulting in final sales, the effect is much better than advertising. How to initiate a discussion topic is what we have to consider, and how to guide the discussion to the right direction, and righting the already tilted floor".

four, believe you are the purest essence of women,

has one of the most obvious differences between men and women, when a businessman sells promotions. Most of them are women swarmed. Because the first reaction of man is often deceptive, fake and so on, with a questioning attitude to look at the problem, and then make a lot of facts to prove that determine is a discount to buy back; and the first female response usually is to believe that you, rush to buy it, but.

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