Webmaster how to protect their original article

network transmission is the quickest way to share out the hope to bring help to others, and I hope you can find like-minded owners to communicate the development of search engine changes can be seen in the search engine is very love original content, so many owners began the road for the website editor is to give your site added quality content. The natural quality content many people reproduced, reproduced the original we do is a must, but many of them have a large number of people, we will write out the head and tail of the webmaster hard to change, make your own web site claimed that the original site, but there are still many pseudo original, enthusiasm seriously against the original author. Fantasy SEO also encountered these problems, Rhapsody before SEO wrote a plan to do before the site will be reproduced, but did not indicate the source. The title was changed, the source address is deleted, and claimed that the original, more angry is playing the title even in Baidu and GOOLE before three pages to find their own website.

in order to protect the interests of the original author, improve the original initiative of the station, so that the plagiarism from the article exposed plagiarism identity. Rhapsody SEO for the article was reproduced plagiarism, but did not declare the source of several circumstances, made several countermeasures.

1, direct reprint

is very simple to face this kind of situation we can directly copy, basically have no intention to see, because they are merely to add content and website reprint articles, we only need to be at the beginning or end of the source and the author indicate their name. The article is well written and the person who reads will look for the author’s website through author’s name.

2, pseudo creator

has to say that false authorship is not only a big influence on the original author, but also very irresponsible to its own website users. Change the title, start with an overview, and make a little summary at the end. Just for the search engine to do the work, but not for the user to consider, let users again and again, and three repeated browsing the same article, lead to user experience is extremely bad, turn back rate extremely bottom. For pseudo original, we need to spend a little effort, if the article mentioned previously mentioned article, you can make a link to trace text, pointing to the original text. And in the article content to add their website name or screen name (users can search through the website can be found), most of the pseudo original articles are the core content, is not to change.

3, reprinted by major portals,

big portals will also take the initiative to search for high quality articles, often because they are large high weight (users, search engine two) and mistakenly think they are original, search for articles on their website is certainly the first one, such as the operation mode of SEO network card baby Rhapsody released before submission to the A5 analysis, search the article content or title A5 is the first, but A5 will retain the original author and the source to protect our webmaster >

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