Under the new regulations for the record, master buy foreign host three experience

in 2009 for the webmaster, it is unusual for a year, a large number of fallen, disable CN domain name IDC, which makes it Speechless, when we hold the webmaster "If winter comes, can spring be far away" attitude, waiting for China internet transfer, but the new regulations, record XX again, let the webmaster fall into dilemma.

filed a new regulation, webmaster circle is a bleak voice, even to the camera owners in connection with the suspect, the webmaster although scolding constantly, but also can only silently accept, but to accept, some webmaster fought it, the site moved overseas from China, the process of he moved abroad to buy transit, you should keep a sober mind, it does not appear too many problems, according to my host to buy foreign experience, to talk about buy foreign hosting experience, to be a reference.

1, buy before compare, ask


server access speed and stability, believe this is all the owners are concerned, if the purchase of the host downtime so that every two or three days, so we will be crazy, and when buying foreign host, we need several host, to listen to several host, so now the network developed, put online on the foreign host space site here again, until the mental number to buy a host, otherwise, if the space business encounter unscrupulous websites, not only do not get good security and problems will not be a good solution.

2, when buying the host, do not be too obsessed with super space,

This is a foreign

large space space a lot of points, the host taking several hundred G or more space, many friends will make mistakes at this point, when I was in this respect that space to eat the loss, the bigger the better, the main machine, so I bought a larger space for the result? A few days a refund, a large space is not only the price is high, but the truth, so much space can not be used, will only waste a waste of money, so, in the purchase of the host according to their website, select the appropriate host.

3, purchase payment to a steady step by step,


is a foreign host, their website is mostly English, however, some service providers also have the support of the RMB payment, like IXWebHosting will support Alipay payment, but also launched a Chinese station (http://s.cn.ixwebhosting.com), this is not to say, buy foreign host of payment, it is best to find relevant Chinese tutorial, after reference to buy, buy when we must be careful, otherwise, a little more buttons, might pay hundreds of ocean.

said so much, but also for the webmaster to wake up, in the choice of foreign host time, pay more attention to, when buying payment, but also more attention, so <

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