Social identity strategy, popularity and social identity of website operation

has many new stores when opening, like to hire people at the door line, resulting in hot scenes, one is to attract attention, two, most people have the mentality of the herd, and want to reduce the cost of trial and error. Anyway, so many people in the queue, must have its unique place. This is psychological suggestion, that is social identity.

social identity has many facets, one is the recognition of experts and authority, the other is the identification of friends, and the other is the recognition of strangers’ group behavior. The core of social identity lies in the power of example.

some English training school at the beginning of the enrollment, the total can not find people, how to do? A lot to fill out the names on the list, make new registration that other people have already signed up, what can not hesitate, apply it directly. Begging in the subway or other public places the beggar is applying social identity psychology master, will be prepared in advance to beg some money on the disc, hints to exert psychological potential charity object: others have given, you can not consider giving.

, a famous American political commentator and columnist, Walter ·, Lippmann once said, "no one thinks very deeply where everyone thinks the same way."." This reveals the inner core of social identity psychology.

If you run a

forum website, the beginning is not registered user or let many vest around the friends, classmates and all other people to join? So as to create a social atmosphere of identity.

from the website operation, the following is the website operators often use strategies and methods, from 9-13 these small chapters will focus on social identification in the website operation strategy.

popularity of social identity

"human nature, website operation strategy and combat" a book mentioned, this is almost all of the electronic commerce website will be used in Nirvana, is the most popular product sales is what? The list is what or what? It has two advantages: on the one hand, in addition to helping users find good products on the other hand,; but for the other new users suggested that so many people buy, quality and other aspects will be guaranteed. Not only e-commerce websites, music websites, information websites, etc., but also make full use of social identity psychology. For example, music websites will definitely make lists, and information websites will present the hottest information to the home page or other prominent places. The Digg website is developed with the full use of social identity. It is through the recommendation of everyone, through social participation in the model, change the way news is presented.

Tencent micro-blog fans in Liu Xiang breakthrough 8 million, beyond the Twitter site of the first lady gaga nearly 700 thousand people, known as among the world’s first micro-blog. For Tencent, micro-blog’s operations, this is an excellent marketing event, allowing potential users to know Tencent, micro-blog, improve Tencent micro

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