Website original and pseudo original manufacturing tutorial second season

in the first season, we simply said the original three creative methods. In this season, let’s talk about the original two other production methods, and mainstream search engines on the original article is how to identify?.

original two other creative methods:

1. tit for tat. On the Internet, we can always see many articles or posts with distinct views. We might as well look in the mirror: add "no" to each of his arguments and write an article on the contrary. The advantage of this is that we do not need to conceive, do not use an outline, and write in accordance with other people’s articles. It is a high-quality original. But be careful, don’t Taiganbaba content, but can not be too absurd. For example, people say, "the air pollution of cars is greater than that of bicycles." you have to turn back and write "bicycles pollute the air more than cars." although they are sensational, they are just grandstanding and worthless things.

2., two in one, one in one. Past articles together always considered a method of pseudo original, but I am here to say one is another meaning, is not a simple copy. Many famous writers and critics use it, and no one suggests plagiarism. Blend of high realm is traceless, no trace, not simply copy paste, but to move handwriting. The best way is to read the two articles once, and then repeat it in your own words, add an introduction, and finally add a new point of your own. "No, it can be written." some people think XXXXXX, some people think XXXXXXXXX, actually, otherwise, we think XXXXXXXXXX". This has become a new original article, SE spider looked definitely clap legs applauded. Don’t take spiders as experts. Their intelligence is mixed at 3 or 4 years old. They are fixed thinking and programs.

since it comes to SE spiders, let’s talk about the mainstream search engine, the original article is how to identify?. Generally speaking, SE’s determination of the original article has the following factors:

1. snapshot generated date and date of site collection.

2. spider crawl date.

3. web pages outside the chain of how much?.

4. article content is similar, the degree of similarity.

, for example, for example, in, an article called "reasonable schedule, easy to get high scores on Graduate Studies" was released at 10 a.m. this morning. Subsequently, the spider of big search engine came, grabbed this page, put in the database. Back in the database and related articles to make a comparison, look, yes, I have not seen, received, and that is the original article. But this is only the ideal situation, there are several cases to consider. First, if your station has not been included, do you think SE will think you are original? Obviously not. Second, your snapshot update is slow, you >

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