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in modern society, but there are a lot of old that survived, some claim is not no way, it is reasonable, but there are a lot of argument is not very accurate, for example, some people think that breast pain is meant to pregnant. I believe many people are aware of breast pain for many reasons, but we have to discuss is the probability of pregnancy breast pain is how much?


pregnant breast painIn fact, according to the

clinical experience of many pregnant, often feel breast pain. So I say, breast pain may be pregnant, and if you just had sex before, and did not take what security measures, then the likelihood of pregnancy is still quite large. Why the pregnancy will cause breast pain? This is mainly because in order to adapt to the needs of nursing, in a few weeks after pregnancy, breast pain will become. And if you squeeze a squeeze, it will secrete lotion.

may have other breast pain

of course, as we discussed earlier, there are a variety of reasons lead to breast pain. If one is to menstruation, then it will cause breast pain. Is in the developmental stage of the girl because is in stage of puberty, so it will appear the phenomenon of breast pain. These are normal reasons, we do not need special care in most cases, but for the sake of health, we can touch massage to relieve pain by hand, feeling hot and cold compress.

can be seen from above, the pregnancy will cause breast pain feeling, but breast pain is not always pregnant, there are other reasons. If you are pregnant due to breast pain, so should pay attention to physical health, for children, can control diet, moderate exercise, in order to meet a healthy birth.

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