Personal webmaster gratitude 2008 Outlook 2009, can see the day after tomorrow sun

2008 is in the past, many of my friends are busy preparing for the Spring Festival the Spring Festival, but individual owners will really have a good time? Have you have done summary, looking into the future, on the thirty after 09 years, we still have to work, have done what you intend to do? My personal mind is not on the Spring Festival, I look forward to the Spring Festival immediately in the past, only in this way will all walks of life on the right track, I can continue my work.

review 2008

08 years in January, installed broadband, relying on their own skills, from Guangzhou to record transcripts, to point to the bank to check their wages, originally from the Internet can make money, the start of the SOHO family.

08 years in March, in the free time to begin to understand the Wangzhuan, had registered, click on the foreign advertising, called "big fortune" verification code, but also as a "pig typing" agent, hang Wangzhuan, voting Wangzhuan, often removed from Qian Jinba Wangzhuan site.

08 years in April, found that GG advertising cheats tutorial, though they are outdated, but through the understanding to the higher realm of Wangzhuan do a web site to make money.

08 years in May, decided to make a website to Xinhua Bookstore, spent 68 yuan to buy a vintage genuine Dreamweavr CS tutorial, but went online to see there are many latest software video tutorials, unfortunately, according to video watching and learning, for more than a week of the web based learning.

08 years in June, began to investigate web site project, because a soft text, great interest, the month to buy net friend program, the first web site online.


days, began to operate the site, Baidu included, website promotion, website profit thinking, find out the difficulties, find a way to find and solve problems in continuous exploration, repeated thinking, learn to write text, know what is speculation, one experienced local speculation began to fail, foresight, begin to understand humanity, began the study of human psychology, to communicate with others, communicate with customers, local concern, attention to the industry development, to explore the essence of the site. I also summed up a set of "do their own standing" theory, and do not know whether it is true, but I think that is suitable for their own best, and now, in accordance with this idea, continue to move forward.

My 2008 "Guan Jian word"

what is the most missing in twenty-first Century? Some people say that talent, some people have done something, some people did not do it, we can see that the platform is more important than talent. The Internet is a new information platform, here to provide a personal webmaster to make money, or business platform, only to find a suitable platform, can play to their talents, if the Internet for themselves would continue. But what is more important than the platform should be one’s judgment and choice. One’s choice will be decided

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