Webmaster soft text promotion mistakes and skills

A5 of the household, fueling plus grassroots webmaster, soft Wen promotion has also become owners who are recognized as the most effective way of promotion, from the beginning of the owners of such websites and forums mean the chain and the chain signature, now many of these sites are open attitude, or set up a special soft release, soft the promotion is small and is accepted by the most popular


site open attitude, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the owners, all kinds of articles such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain continue to emerge, although the quality is uneven, but there are some original content! The profit website to obtain the original content, weight increase, owners get outside the chain, flow rate of growth in popularity, we are just slowly as a pleasurable occupation! That seems to be a kind of inertia, found himself into the errors of the soft Wen promotion, the thought of a soft, think of A5 or other webmaster website, but without paying attention to your site type, is suitable in these sites to post


before I wrote an article called "China soft market will mature, and then open a little", which was mentioned in the current domestic is not as foreign as Ezinearticles special soft stand, be arranged, covering all aspects of life, all types of the site, you can find release plate inside! The soft station appears to be limited to the network classification, for other industries to no classification, almost every site is that a few things: webmaster operations, search optimization, experience and so on! And the webmaster site is inclusive, small sesame garlic skin, big national event what station, there is no corresponding plate can release


not all sites are engaged in network IT, but now the situation is a lot of people to have to write some soft Wen, and their site irrelevant articles, connecting drag into your site in the article, if not inserted into it, only at the end with a copyright connection! This effect will be greatly reduced, the first content and the site is not much, if it is easy to connect the copyright being reproduced removed, I used to plant their own network in Suzhou (http://s.szchang.cn) write text will often be the case! Plant this piece belongs to the real estate industry, if there is no relevant experience, it is hard to write professional articles, and estate articles without certain channels, it is difficult to go out, so only the strong pull hard tear Write some network related articles in A5 and other soft site release, plus some copyright connection, the situation is not ideal


is only the current domestic soft Wen website is not very mature, so the webmaster can only take advantage of the mistakes, there is no way to do so, but there is no other way to save the curve? The answer is yes,


first said the article source: not everyone is an expert, can for their site corresponding industry to write high-quality articles, but >

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