Taobao shop first screen planning skills

When Taobao

to each store buyers to enter the home page, the first screen is the most direct buyers into the sight block, the first screen is excellent for making customers continue stays in the shop has a very important role, so how to plan a good first screen to attract the attention of customers, and ultimately to improve the conversion the purpose of it, here is the first screen planning to do a basic introduction.

one, the first screen theme

according to a theme selected the actual situation of Taobao shop shop, the first screen theme selection there are three kinds of commonly used scheme, the first is the shop activities, the second is a single product promotion, third is the promotion of brand culture.

1, shop activity

shop activity is the regular activities of each brand in the shop, every shop or big or small, there will always be some promotional activities, different promotional efforts for buyers attractive will vary greatly.

1) brand group

official activities, Juhuasuan is one of the types of activities is widely adopted, participate in brand group promotion is relatively large, can improve brand exposure.

2 –

/ eleven) double activities

in addition, Taobao will hold various seasonal events, such as double 11, double 12, mid year, big promotion, etc. during this period, most of the stores, whether or not they sign up, will adopt the theme of this activity.

3) shop routine activities: season, holiday

the cost of participating in official activities is relatively high, so you have to be qualified to participate. Outside of official activities is some promotional activities in the shop. The more common theme in store activities is the subject of the current season or the special day of the festival.

4) shop routine activities: anniversary, clearance

anniversary celebrations are also widely adopted as theme of activity, and clearance sale is also a more attractive subject, and is suitable for a wide range of time.

2, single product promotion

1) single product Juhuasuan, burst

single product promotion theme for shops pushed into explosion models or want to improve the conversion rate of a product, such as a single product in Juhuasuan baby, or already is to create the explosion models, sales occupy a certain share in the same industry, the effect is very considerable.

2) new listing, special promotions,

single product promotion theme also applies to new products listed, and intends to fully promote the product, moreover, the special discount promotion product can also serve as the first screen theme.

still has a lot to do with the product as the first screen, but they all have one thing in common, the product

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