Share the experience of beginning website

, my website ( has been in existence for more than a month since June 10th.

has gained a lot this month. Among the accidents were several:

1, Google and Baidu are all very fast.

2, Google’s Web site, RP value, unexpectedly reached the level 2

harvest mainly in the following aspects:

1, build a website to have enough content to support.

2, search engine traffic and the quality of the article does not have much to do with. See if there are enough keywords in the website article that can be grouped into phrases that users search for. For example, my website has a keyword from the search engine "sugar fried chestnuts profits", just because an article appeared in "sugar fried chestnuts", "profit" two words only. We never know what people using search engines will search for, so in addition to tracking hot keywords, another way is to fill a lot of articles.

‘s main task for the next two months:

1 focuses on how to improve web access. Target 100IP every day.

2, based on accident and harvest, I decided to divide the article into two categories, one is the original article about entrepreneurship, and the other is a lot of original essays to fill the search engine. Increase flow.

3, put some small ads, check the advertising effect.

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