A real life portrayal of a grass root webmaster

07 years in October 10th, I and a friend both resigned, and opened the partnership business forum. At that time, two people with a pioneering spirit does not know in what circumstances will dry up. Fortunately, there are free programs in the discuz forum, saving a lot of technical problems. At that time, do not understand what HTML code, do not know what is called SEO, technology, what is. Oneself step by step learning, do not understand website promotion, it is now learning to use. After a few months, not only did not make money, but also lost their savings (with 5000 yuan each time, then the true cost) to find business is not an easy thing, but can not give up this!?! After all, entrepreneurship is his dream.

about the income of the site, in July 08, is the total income of last month’s forum for $205, equivalent to 1400 yuan (RMB appreciation is really terrible., 6.8), two people share just 700 yuan / person. How about 700 yuan for living in Guangzhou? And renting your own house, besides having a girlfriend. However, do not underestimate the 700 yuan, less money and less money. Here are some of the details of my July living expenses:

1. rent: 280 yuan

lives near Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Chigang, quite remote location.

2. Internet access fee: 50 yuan

pulls the landlord’s line

3. electricity, water fee: 70 yuan or so,

basically runs 12 hours a day and cooks meals by himself.

Over 400 of

costs about three, and the remaining 300 is all expenses for the whole month.

4. girlfriend spending: 150 yuan

girlfriend is not in the same place, basically met once a week, together for more than a year, but fortunately, my girlfriend more understanding of my work. But less than 50 yuan a week in Guangzhou, do not say how shabby.

5., the final 150 yuan, is the entire month of living expenses. My specific arrangements are as follows: adhere to their own cooking, do not do it yourself, Guangzhou fast food is now 6 yuan a share. M: once a week, buy 10 yuan, 1.8 yuan / jin of that kind. About 40 yuan a month.

daily expenses: breakfast 0.5 yuan, steamed bread; Chinese and dinner dishes are not more than 5 yuan (3 yuan, lean meat 1.5 yuan vegetables), so that the expenditure of the day control is not more than 5 yuan.

now rising prices is really severe, pork 14.5 yuan / kg, what the Chinese cabbage 3 yuan / kg. The insufficient expenditure is definitely the hot weather to eat meat, Rice porridge. Green vegetables, you buy bean sprouts, carrots, peas, what cheaper dishes?. It can be smoothly until the end of the month.

as for the mobile phone fee (about 15 yuan a month), laundry, bathing supplies, what is the way to save

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