How do industry B2B sites attract aggregate buyers

any B2B to join the industry website to attract more suppliers, will station suppliers increase the inquiry and order work, so how to attract a large number of buyers gathered industry has become one of the industry Web site all want long-term development priority. Here to mention their own ideas, perhaps not too mature, please PP.

wants to attract industry buyers, we must first understand the suppliers, to know what are the main users of these products? What is the main place of application and so on, these should be in the industry B2B site planning.

is about to know. Then through a variety of methods to collect the purchaser information, finally is through the mail or other ways to contact the purchaser to pull him into your site, but how to facilitate transactions, there is much knowledge, to be described below.

1, through the major B2B, C2C website search related buyers

2, through the purchase of some marketing software, set collection conditions to collect

3, through various exhibitions to sell the industry website, to attract buyers attention

4, through a variety of products monopoly network, and they grab customers; or simply put these monopoly net into the buyer’s list

5 collects information from buyers through industry, magazines, and media

6, conditional industry exhibition can be held, attracting a large number of buyers

7, through the network of contacts within the industry, each company will have its own customer base, if you can have access to one or two, will bring a lot of opportunities to the site


online through the "street" the accumulation of purchaser

9, through the mass software, the site’s excellent products to the group to the integrated B2B site, increasing exposure rate

10, buy search engine keyword advertising, fixed ranking attract buyers, this is the most effective way

11, pay attention to customer demand changes, the latest trends, market data collation, timely adjustment strategy

12, put in outdoor advertising, television advertising, online advertising, advertising and other newspapers put more ways

13, the best cost-effective search engine optimization work, as long as the time spent, you can search through the search engine suppliers suppliers into our website

14, a specialty wholesale market,

these collection of buyers is not the only way, but also what I can think of, can be used alone, can also be used together, combined with the effect of better. Hope you have a better way to share. The last thing you need to do after collecting is email marketing and telemarketing. It depends on your service attitude

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