How does a medical website improve the content of user experience

the "medical website how to improve the user experience of style", some of my key website from the site selection, access speed, website design and other aspects elaborated how to improve the basic medical website user experience, so this paper will continue to focus on this topic, the site layout, website content etc. analysis.

1, home page layout should be guided, reflecting clarity,

medical website target users mostly enter the website with the problem, which requires the site navigation guidance set clear, the directory structure can reach the final page within three clicks the best, so that users can find what they want to information in the shortest time, page level focused, prioritize, illustrated, target customers are most interested in, most of the marketing information is placed in the most important position. For example, I have focused on the study of this site, Changsha Fang Thai liver hospital to analyze. The station is the main navigation position placed key column information of hospital survey, special treatment, liver specialist, medical equipment and other sites, users click to view the relevant information, the first screen left position of updated online consultation, the question of common liver disease will be updated in real time here, one can strengthen the communication with users and improve the user experience, on the other hand can attract Baidu spider to grab the page. The middle position of the first screen is placed on the new hospital liver disease therapy authority activities information and promotional information, content is compact, hospital, therapy and other packaging experts are presented one by one, the authority and marketing are out, to enhance the user’s sense of trust in the hospital at the same time, also can improve the user the conversion rate to a certain extent. In the right side of the page position slides and convenient service function buttons, illustrated slideshow on the text to improve user browsing fatigue, and convenient and efficient service channel, convenient for users to search for relevant information, and effectively improve the efficiency of the user’s search.

2, the content of the site as far as possible original

medical website content as far as possible the original content, in order to ensure the readability of the content, the title of the set to meet the user’s search habits, the quiz title more easily accepted by the user, of course, original content is more affected by the favour of search engine, to improve the user experience, can be used for pictures or related information recommended to enrich the contents of the whole article, so as to improve the reading value of a single article, also let users can be satisfied, a sense of trust to the station.

3, website and user interaction form should be diversified,

medical website to improve the user experience of a degree is the most important to strengthen the interaction with the user, how to realize the diversification of the website and user interaction form? This requires owners to constantly sum up new experience in practice, through continuous research of user access habits and potential demand, choose to use the interactive mode for, the most effective, the current medical website still attaches great importance to interact with the user.

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