Experience Net trick is not every stationmaster’s Nuggets



with the development of the times, many enterprises are now facing a huge talent gap, resulting in the talent intermediary business has become more and more potential. By doing some commercial traffic action has become an ideal mode of operation of many owners in mind, and after continuous deposition of the capital market, now the network recruitment has ushered in its golden period, especially in first-tier cities.

facing the increasingly vigorous job search force, the problem of online recruitment industry as a whole is also increasing. Model homogenization, for the user’s help, divorced from reality, and so on, so that more people expect to join the webmaster a bit more consideration.

You want to do now

network recruitment friends still unified idea is There are plenty of people who, all use of regional advantages in their longluo, part of the resources, and this part of the resources accurate to the user, so naturally. In fact, everyone is a good idea, as a grassroots, our limited resources and ability, and do comprehensive online recruitment, rather than based on the two or three line of small city or vertical industry, it can be said to be a wise. But with more and more friends doing this business, the proliferation of product operating models, and now to do Internet recruitment, we have to try to ask ourselves a few questions.

channels and resources can be stranded, but the user’s trust from where, and now online recruitment sites everywhere, to whom the site is the same, then the fight is the connections and relationships. Let more people know and trust that recruitment is the lesson everyone needs to do. But, now the network recruitment really responsible for the user is very little, the industry reputation has been there, we re expand the field of difficulty is more difficult.

on the two or three line of the city although will avoid intense competition environment to a certain extent, but the two or three line of the city still has its own unspoken rule, the first is to make a profit and advertising sponsorship, no good business contacts, it is very difficult for us to pull to the ideal of the advertisers, doing a little bit flow do not know until God knows how long. So go to the two or three line cities to do online recruitment, must first guarantee that they are a local pass.

The update speed of

network for the fast, low cost, wide and narrow coverage of enterprise information in detail, is beneficial to enterprises of employees, and this mode tend to choose a more suitable job seekers. However, online recruitment also has its own disadvantages, that is, the success rate of job search is often low, the attractiveness of job seekers in the decline with the day. A lot of time, job seekers see more is the breadth of network recruitment, for their hit grasp is not very big, this also can’t understand why so many people like the sea resume resume. But the job success rate is not high is a fatal weakness, because it will make your site to talent shows itself in the competitive industry, not the success rate, real estate business, job training and other advertising sales.

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