Entrepreneurship is not grasping the demand of autumn pineapple network will be how to spend the bot

was founded by several senior, originated in the Greeley campus social platform – Autumn pineapple net, want to "change" in the form of establishing social relationships between users, and to develop a O2O model. But reality tells autumn spinach founder, although their idea is "cool", the real needs of autumn spinach may not grasp the network users, and there is no business model to support.


autumn pineapple net team

[editor / fan of the magazine] Li Meng, a major in materials science and engineering at University of Science and Technology Beijing, labeled himself "I’m emperor of origami" – he’s obsessed with the little hobby of triangular origami. Last September, he joined the Beikeda internal one called "autumn pineapple net" campus SNS community.

autumn pineapple net is a "send" as the characteristics of College Students’ social network users to publish their own idle items, the other members, if you want to get this item, need to click "I want to tell the publisher, then a publisher can choose one of the things out. So far, Li Meng has been in the autumn spinach online to send an own Handmade the duo A dream triangle inserting origami, and some other small things.


originated in Greeley campus social network is actually a computer grade 09 student Chen Wei entrepreneurial projects. This autumn spinach project started from 2012 to July, the whole team currently consists of 5 people, are members of the Beikeda students.

"autumn pineapple net", see the name of the person you may can’t help to think Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan sketch "yesterday, today and tomorrow" the classical lines "make eyes at a man" and "autumn spinach". Responsible for the autumn spinach network operator Wang Lutong told titanium media reporters, the name, the purpose is to let people immediately think of "send".

however, only through the autumn spinach network to "send" is not the intention of Chen Wei. He believes that through the delivery of this thing, you can develop new social relations. There is a double filter relationship: first, TA likes your stuff. So many things, why do you like your things? Second, yes, so many people, why do you choose to give TA? If it is the two layer of natural screening, you two people are very suitable for meeting." Chen Wei feels that this way has gone beyond the level of things.

that’s just Chen Wei’s imagination. But in fact, whether it is to send things, or to trigger social relationships through things, all the development is not smooth sailing.

networking and O2O autumn spinach like

there are several basements in the Yi Fu teaching building of University of Science and Technology Beijing. Through one of the entrances, through a staircase with no lights and no visible fingers, you can see the corridor of the basement after a few bends. There are security doors on both sides of the corridor. These rooms are branches

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