Case P14000 on a monthly income of 7000 websites rely on what

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today to share with you a website operation more successful cases, said that he was more successful, because this site is by the station do not understand technology, more people do not understand SEO operations, such as the title "IP14000 on a monthly income of 7000" in my mind has been very great, because I myself. The website and SEO2 years, shame is still no one can reach IP on thousands of websites, of course, how IP is not restricted to your website to earn money at all, not like me, I pay more attention to the website’s conversion (as long as IP is not a good figure, some industries) the website IP on May day than hundreds IP thousands of money, it depends on the trades, the user experience of the website to drive the conversion rate, and many factors such as the core of the site’s profit. If the day IP14000, CPC advertising alliance can rely on a monthly income of 7000, that is not less, if IP14000, CPS sales, 7000 yuan is too small, and this site is the friend by putting GG, the Baidu CPC advertising income 7000. Just said, for do not understand the site, but also don’t understand the website SEO people, the website is how to do the high flow of day IP14000? Listen to the author slowly.


This is my friend

early to do a promotion to customers, can be said that I witnessed all the growth and development of his website, his website was built in 09 years, the content is about learning English, currently on English learning website YISHION most text more, and his English website, with graphic video such as: learn English from comics, movies to learn English songs to learn English, the website highlighting happy to learn English as the theme, to teach you how to learn English easily. I think one of the more successful aspects of his website today is that the topic of the web site is chosen first.

the first station when they are a small team of 5 people, one of which is his object, the other three are his classmates and friends, because of all the English major, because like-minded, so they cast students through their own ideas, to learn, through their own efforts to rely on the website business, but do a website the first one is to solve the problem of the establishment and maintenance of the website, he was lucky enough to have a cousin open a company, providing him with a station, server and website maintenance, it can be said that there is a full pre funding cousin. Web site do, and then is promotion, how to get IP, let more users know the website, and for don’t understand SEO, don’t know how to promote people, how do they promote


obviously, like most websites, the first half of the year, their website is not profitable, even if the profit is not enough, 5 people can solve the problem of eating a few people have been good. At the beginning, they are special efforts, every day to BBS post, in the QQ group to send messages, mail bulk, can think of all the way to think of, 09 years when coincides with the S>

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