Comment on the ups and downs of CN domain names from a strategic point of view

to change radically CN domain name, its development is Voices of discontent. But everyone? Calm down, think carefully, which also have a variety of reasons…

today I in a QQ group, see one from Youku video a netizen posted comments, is the future trend of Chinese 2030, this video originally published in NetEase, 7 more than ten million hits, after being deleted, then together Youku also deleted, I finished more than two hours of wear Mr. video lectures, although the language is very sharp, some may cause a lot of people who oppose, regardless of politics, the things we care, but caused me to the CN domain name on the past and the future, views are purely personal opinion.

Chinese all know, since the CN domain name from the beginning of the implementation of 1 yuan registration, registration volume soared, beyond the COM domain name to occupy the first place, and then went on to launch a renewal of 1 yuan, as of the time delay of promotions, including the Olympic Games are represented using the CN domain name, but also the tide, and vigorously promote the Chinese CN domain name.

, something like that, I’m sure everyone knows. But, friends of the IT, when we are talking about this earthshaking event, are there any meditations on why our country is doing this?. (here I insert a fragment, Chinese have been talking about the growth of GDP, but GDP does not necessarily represent the high comprehensive strength, really important is, see GDP in the United States as a world power, their GDP is composed of aviation, electronics, technology, such as IT and China silk, clothing, gifts, agriculture) because our country realized the information industry in this area in the future will play an increasingly important role, while the COM and other international domain names in the hands of the United States, so the introduction of the domestic CN domain is imperative. Before this, I think, the domestic government departments, scientific research departments are using the China independent,, now in the perplexing international situation, only with independent property rights, management rights of things is the most reliable.


, the national requirements of the site for the record, inventory record, clean up illegal CN domain name, domain name and mobile phone, the consolidation of the domestic IDC market, temporarily, the entire IT session four complaints, of course we do not rule out some system is indeed a bit too far, but there is one important reason, a teacher about the type C on the implementation of the Chinese in his speech surrounded by measures, also mentioned one thing, is the valuable spiritual wealth of the Long March, the United States on the one hand is in fact continue to attack China, spread some bad information, weaken the China netizens will, in the future, the network of electronic warfare will be an important component in the future, in Chinese this grim situation, would rather take it seems harsh actions to rectify. There are about GOOGLE, exit China events, Iran army and Chinese Honker confrontation, they are actually on the surface layer we can’t see. But >

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